Friday, May 18, 2012

Why should love...

Why should love be black or white? Why should the day be divided Into day or night Why should love be right or wrong Why would you fight it And try so hard to be strong Why not let it be a shade of grey You welcome it at any time of day Why not let it be life Either you live it in dark or light Why should you decide Whether it should go left or right Why don't you just let it be Why should you pour it With water of fright When love is fire Of desire Let it be Let it be love Let love be flowing into you Let love be your guide Let love make you warm and tender Let love make you hot Let love burn you And hurt you deeply And then let love be the fertile soil That make you grow Into love Yes, into love Let it be Please let it be Let it be love Depok, 19th May 2012, 00:24 ~Luciana

Sunday, February 13, 2011


(Catatan Malam Valentine’s Day)

Jika aku harus memilih

Antara jatuh cinta denganmu

Atau tidak jatuh cinta

Dan hidup dalam kedamaian

Aku akan selalu memilih untuk jatuh cinta

Walaupun sakit

Walaupun gelisah

Walaupun hatiku harus menderita

Jika aku harus memilih

Antara bertemu denganmu

Atau tidak bertemu

Dan hidup tenang tanpa gelombang

Aku akan tetap memilih bertemu denganmu

Walaupun sakit

Walaupun gelisah

Walaupun hatiku harus menderita

Bertemu denganmu

Seperti sejuta tahun hidup tanpa warna

Dan tiba-tiba diberitahu

Bahwa hidup adalah pelangi

Dan jatuh cinta padamu

Bagaikan berabad hidup

Dengan neraca rugi laba

Dalam setiap langkahku

Dan tiba-tiba rela melepaskan semuanya

Demi dirimu

Dan aku akan selalu dan selalu

Memilih pernah merasakan cinta

Kedalaman tak berujung

Pusaran tak terbendung

Api yang membara

Walaupun sakit

Walaupun gelisah

Walaupun hatiku harus menderita

Ya, jika aku harus memilih

Aku memilih air mataku berderai

Aku memilih rasa tersayat bagai sembilu

Aku memilih rindu yang tak tertahankan

Aku memilih bara api yang menyiksa

Daripada aku tak pernah melihat wajahmu

Tak pernah menikmati renyahnya tawamu

Tak pernah mendengar suaramu

Tak pernah merasakan kelembutan hatimu...

Walaupun sakit

Walaupun gelisah

Walaupun hatiku harus menderita

Berjuta kali,

Berabad lamanya pun

Aku akan selalu memilih,

Ya, selalu memilih

Untuk jatuh cinta padamu...

Buat Kanda Tercinta,

Malam 14 Februari 2010,

Depok, 23:40 WIB

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ketika Hampir Merekah...

Ketika Hampir Merekah…

Ketika aku hampir merekah

Aku berbunga indah

Seorang lelaki tua datang

Merusak seluruh kuntum

Dan mengambil jiwaku,

Ya! Dia mengambil jiwaku…

Seorang tukang kebun

Berdiri di dekatku

Menawarkan tiga jenis bunga

Yang jingga, nila, atau mawar merah

Aku tolak semuanya,

Ya! Aku tolak semuanya…

Di bulan itu

Mawar merah merekah

Tetapi bukan untukku

Kucabut semua mawar dari taman itu

Kuganti dengan semak berduri,

Ya! Kuganti dengan semak berduri...

Jika aku mau

Menanti dalam waktu

Tuhan pasti merahmatiku

Dan aku akan menangis

Semangkuk butir bening air mata

Untuk mencuci

Jejak-jejak luka

Ya, untuk mencuci

Jejak-jejak luka...

Cikarang, 22 November 2009, 21:19 WIB

Diinspirasi oleh lagu 'When I was in my prime'

Sekuntum bunga wangi dan indah bisa untuk dipandang, dikagumi, disentuh, dihirup wanginya, dipetik, dirangkai, dan ditaruh di dalam rumah….Tetapi ternyata sekuntum bunga malahan memberikan bekas paling lama, di tangan yang meremas untuk menghancurkannya..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear NADJA (Sinterklaas Poem)*


After reviewing your good deeds, Sint has decided
That you've been everybody's good friend
That's why you get these presents
A candle from Egypt, carved with some ancient script
And a white plate to put the candle on
Or to put candies, cookies, and bonbon
The candle has many amazing functions
That you can immediately count on
Its unusual shape of pentagon, can be a nice decoration
As in the middle you cut it,
You get a beautiful replica of a pyramid
You can put it on the top of that white plate
And with great admiration your guests will look at
Its pointed top can be used as a weapon
You can stick it into the person
Who enters your flat without permission
You can throw it on the head of an unwanted guest
Who asked for food and drinks more than you could have dispensed
And of course if you want some romantic evening
You can keep it burning
Those are the reasons, Sint gives these presents
Sint hopes you will like it, and have enjoyment in using it
And if a year aheady, you are still a nice lady
Sint will come again to you!!

Groningen, 23 October 2009, 14:53

*Specially written for Nadja to celebrate the Sinterklaas party at Karen's house!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Simple Truth

'I've discovered one simple truth:

People are not happy because they do not treat themselves as human beings. They live as machines; and in that way they betray their very existence...'

Cikarang, 22 October 2009, 22:00 WIB

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We call it 'Rhyme'

First case:

You want custard
I give you mustard
'Cos it's a standard
For a bastard...

(22 Aug 2009, 11:11 WIB)

Second case:

My sweet bjootie (=beauty)
When you shake your bootie
You look so cjootie (=cutie)

Is it maybe
My Tweety Bayby (=Baby)
'Cause you are a...laaydy? (=Lady)

(22 Aug 2009, 13:01 WIB)

Ultimate case:

The sky is blue, and I love you
The sky is purple, I'd love an Apple
The sky is red, just turn your head
The sky is brown, don't let me down
The sky is yellow, come on, fellow!


I hope it is inspirational for you....:-D

Pour Mon Ami*

Every flower,
Every leave,
Every shade of colours,
Every drop of water,
Every rock or stone,
Is beautiful,
And the world would never be the same
Without them...

You're beautiful, it's true...

Cikarang, 6.30 wib

*Written for M.S.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a small quote...

I watched a family movie in O Channel on 24 June 2008. The story is a very simple one, about an old man traveling by himself and made all his family worried.

His purpose is only one, to feel again the thrill of being together with his wife. He was on a journey that ended up on the place where his wife was buried. And there his old memories seemed to come back...

It was an average movie with easy plot and 'not so bad' acting. However, there was one line that really printed in my mind and I sent it through sms to a couple of friends:

LOVE is a gift from GOD for human to dance through life...

Love is a gift from God...I think there's nothing new to it. But the part of 'dance through life' really touched me. many of use really dancing through life? Aren't we all just being busy and forgetting that life is not just a list of activities? How come we forget our moves? Nature does not forget its moves, but we do...or even worse, we forget that we can dance!!

*Let it be always music in your heart, and dance my friend, dance! Because life is too beautiful to pass by....

Cikarang, 14:59 wib